The Destruction of the Sacred

"Nothing is Sacred," says Man. "Nothing is sacred save SCIENCE!" "We've christened Science, Omni-Science. All-knowing. Infallible. And incompatible with Religion. With ritual. With tradition. And so we've cast religion out. We've burned our Holy Books. We've made our devout, the heretics, and our heretics, the devout. We've erased the divine standard of morality. Man gives law unto … Continue reading The Destruction of the Sacred

On Motive

In 2005, psychologists Reeder, Pryor, Wohl, and Griswell published a study about the attribution of motive that was featured in the November issue of Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin. They decided to use a then-current hot-button issue as a central part of the study in order to draw out people's most authentic emotion. They asked American … Continue reading On Motive

You Can’t Care About Everything

Can I care about everything? And I mean truly care. Truly empathize to where I will give my time, money, and resources to help solve the problem? And if not, to what level can I care? If I placed your level of care on a spectrum, with one end being "abstract concern" and the other end being "complete dedication of time, money, and resources" to an issue, which side of the spectrum would most of the world's issues lie in your mind?