On Little Things

“The mind is a world onto itself and can make a hell of heaven or a heaven of hell.” -Paradise Lost

      Life isn’t truly about the big things.

When telling our life story to a stranger, we focus on Landmark moments. Where we went to school. What we decided to major in. The day we accepted our first job. The day we met our spouse.

These monumental acts or decisions we generally accept as the defining moments, but in doing so, we fail to acknowledge the power of the thousands of small actions and decisions we took to bring us to those Decisive Points.

Our daily decisions and the habits we build tip the scale in our favor or against it. Everything matters. Our actions and choices in this very moment hold untold power through ripple effects that culminate in these Landmark moments of our lives.

The knowledge of this fact grants inconceivable power or the shattering weight of responsibility. We hold the promise of building a better future for ourselves or the ability to push out of our own reach everything we claim we have ever wanted. The choice is ours. Everything we have or don’t have may be laid at our own feet based on the choices we have made.

Things can always get worse–but there’s promise on the other side of that coin. Things can always get better, if we choose to make them so.

Do the little things right.

One thought on “On Little Things

  1. Good article Magnessa7, but what about fate? You speak of a conglomerate of causal events that combine to create landmark moments in our lives. Completely agree that we must strive to do the little things right, but as I look back…it is the little things that I did wrong, and the things I purposely chose not to do against better judgement, that lead me to a points in life that I would consider to be great landmarks and successes. Unanswered prayers, bad decisions, reckless abandon; these, along with the little things I strived to do right, combined to put me exactly where I needed to be at this moment. I don’t know if it is all part of a plan or not, but I would definitely say that fate and fortune are inextricably tied. Whether the choices are right, or wrong; fortune will always favor the bold. ~Dr. Topp

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