Interview With John McCarthy of the Post Modern Patriot Podcast

Last month I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with a good friend and fellow Marine, John McCarthy. John is a brilliant and talented guy who I’ve had the opportunity to suffer with during our time in the Marine Corps.

Our first conversation here covers fair amount of ground and I hope you enjoy it. If you would like to hear more, you can follow John’s work on Spotify, iTunes, or at

About John McCarthy

John McCarthy graduated Quinnipiac University in 2012, where he studied sociology. Following school, John commissioned in the US Marine Corps as a 2nd Lieutenant and reported to the The Basic School in Quantico, VA, where he would train to be not only a Marine Officer, but where he would also attend the grueling Infantry Officer Course (IOC). Following IOC, John would serve as a Weapons Platoon commander, and conduct bilateral training with countries ranging from Japan to Jordan. He would then be transferred to the Inspector General’s office, where he oversaw investigations into various allegations within the total Marine Corps force. John then attended George Washington University, where he earned a Master of Business Administration. He currently works for Booze Allen Hamilton as a Digital Strategist.

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