On Art

We are not animals. We are conscious, and we live through beauty, literature and art. We are inspired by concepts bigger than ourselves and we strive for ideals.

Train With A Higher Purpose

Quit taking daily gym selfies.  Quit posting shameless topless photos of yourself in your bathroom. Quit helping the girl at the gym that obviously doesn't want or need your help. Quit leering at her too. Quit training like an insecure frat boy. 

Quit Doing Things That Will Eventually Suffocate You

I get it. Sometimes you gotta make ends meet. Sometimes you have to do what has to be done to put the Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos on the table. But maybe, just maybe, you've woken up from what felt like a living nightmare with a cold sweat like blood and asked yourself "How did I get here?" Maybe you had a realization, that the life you were living was suffocating you.