The Destruction of the Sacred

"Nothing is Sacred," says Man. "Nothing is sacred save SCIENCE!" "We've christened Science, Omni-Science. All-knowing. Infallible. And incompatible with Religion. With ritual. With tradition. And so we've cast religion out. We've burned our Holy Books. We've made our devout, the heretics, and our heretics, the devout. We've erased the divine standard of morality. Man gives law unto … Continue reading The Destruction of the Sacred

Travesty: The Misguided Narrative of American Education

I recently had the opportunity to speak on Career Planning and my personal experiences as an Infantry Officer at my old high school. In the West High Library of Tracy, California, about 100 advanced placement students sat attentively as I focused my discussion on finding a mentor, setting goals, reading everyday, taking school seriously, and … Continue reading Travesty: The Misguided Narrative of American Education